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Rue St. Denis is now providing wardrobe to the entertainment industry via our website or by appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment with us.

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For decades, Jean-Paul has single-handedly stocked an enviable collection of carefully curated wardrobe must-haves from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Co-owner Riccardo is a stylist and specializes in finding the perfect looks and proportions for each individual that enters the magic boutique. The owner’s savvy eye for impeccable vintage threads extends to the film industry where they’ve provided wardrobe staples for shows including Saturday Night Live, The Americans, Gotham, The Deuce and The Get Down.

At Rue St.Denis, you’ll find highly sought-after styles that are unworn as they’ve been sourced from dead stock of decades past. Clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women include a huge range of men's suits, disco shirts, dress pants, bell bottoms, cocktail dresses, leather jackets and an exemplary collection of women’s and men’s coats. 

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New York Times, April 2018

"For 25 years, a time capsule of perfectly preserved clothing in Alphabet City."


Rue St. Denis is magical place


where decades come to play.





Vintage Fashion Show featuring Rue St. Denis | New York City

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